In collaboration with the ministry of Environment, Nature and Development protection (MINENDEP) and other Civil Society Organization (SCO’s), a 3-Day sensitization campaign was conducted to mark the 51st Environmental Day 2024.

The activity aimed to raise public awareness about the theme of the year (Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience), promote environmental stewardship and encourage community participation in environmental protection and the importance of land restoration.

Dreamers Hope foundation was fully engage in these activities, working together with other organizations to help combat desertification and drought, and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Day 1: Sensitization and Distribution 

Dreamers Hope Foundation, team of volunteers and environmental experts visited public markets and community centers to engage with the public. They distributed fliers highlighted the theme for 2024 and the importance of people in environmental conservation and protection.

  • Free trees Distribution.

Over 50 plus free trees were distributed to individuals and community groups. The trees included native species suitable for the local climate and environment.

Sensitization and distribution of trees and fliers
Sensitization and distribution of trees and fliers

Day 2: Tree Planting and Radio Talk
⦁ Tree Planting: A tree planting ceremony was held on the 03rd of June 2024 beginning from Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) office to symbolize the commitment to environmental protection. Over 100 tress where planted by civil society Organization, Dreamers Hope Foundation, volunteers, MINENDEP along the Bundes construction high way to Bocom.

Dreamers hope foundation partaking in tree planting
Dreamers hope foundation partaking in tree planting
Group picture with SDO and CSO’s
Tree Planting at Mile 2

Day 3: Symposium( Enviromental Day Celebration Event)
⦁ Arrival of Guests and Organization. Upon the arrival of guests and organization, the celebration commenced aith the singing of the national anthem, after which the Delegate of Environment delivered a speech and presentation on the theme of the year and the importance of environmental protection. She also read the message of the Secretary General to the United Nations which focused on hauling deforestation by 2030.
⦁ A discussion on youth participation in land restoration. The discussion was focused on how youths act as agent of landrestoration,waste management and their challenges. Eco Ambasadors pupils of Mabeta and Down gave a presentation on their actions and activities towards enviromental perservation and vegetable cultivation.

⦁ Cultural performance and enviromental protection and preservation. Experts and youth actors laid emphasis on the restoration. A presentation on organizations involvement in sustainable plastic waste management strategies which include collecting waste, reduced waste disposal in communities reuse and recycle. Traditional songs and dances were performed by primary school eco ambassadors to showcase the culture significance of the enviroment and promote its preservation.

⦁ Award and Recognition. Primary schools pupils and youth advocate for enviromental protection were awarded prices for their significant contribution to enviromental conservation.

Symposium event with CBOs
Youth presenting their actions
Price award to Pupils
Group picture with CSO’s and Pupils.

By working together, we create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society for generation to come.