By becoming a partner of the Dreamers Hope Foundation, you have the incredible opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of young women in Cameroon. Your partnership brings forth a multitude of benefits, allowing you to:

Transform Lives: Your support will directly impact the lives of young Cameroonian women, empowering them with skills, knowledge, and opportunities for a brighter future.

Global Network: Join a diverse network of organisations, individuals, and change-makers who are passionate about empowering women in Cameroon.

Recommending Participants: As a partner, you have the exclusive opportunity to recommend potential participants for the EmpowerHer Program. Your organization can identify and nominate young women who would greatly benefit from the program, ensuring that deserving individuals are given a chance to access life-changing opportunities. Brand Visibility: As a partner, your organization will receive prominent recognition in program materials, events, and media coverage, enhancing your brand’s visibility and reputation as a champion of positive social change.

Collaborative Initiatives: Partners have the unique opportunity to collaborate on additional initiatives and projects aimed at empowering women in Cameroon. Join forces with other partners, leveraging collective expertise and resources to create an even greater impact, whether through mentorship programs, community outreach, or advocacy campaigns. Use the form below to apply to become a partner of Dreamers Hope Foundation so you can start your journey towards transforming the lives of underprivileged women and girls in Cameroon.

Join our global community of partners

Join our global community of partners