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Program Structure

Orientation and Induction: At the beginning of the program, participants will undergo a comprehensive orientation and induction process. This phase will familiarize you with the program’s objectives, expectations, and the support systems available to them. It is a time to build connections, set goals, and establish a supportive community.

Skill Development Training: Participants will embark on intensive skill development training in their chosen sectors of tailoring or beauty therapy. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, you will learn practical techniques, and industry best practices, and gain hands-on experience. This training will enable you to develop the necessary skills to excel in your chosen fields and open doors to entrepreneurship and self- employment.

Mentorship and Guidance: Throughout the program, participants will have access to dedicated mentors who will provide guidance, support, and expertise in their respective fields. Mentors will offer valuable insights, share experiences, and assist you in overcoming challenges you may encounter on your journey. The mentorship aspect of the program ensures personalized support and fosters professional growth and confidence.

Practical Experiences: As part of the program, participants will have opportunities to apply their skills and gain practical experience. This may involve working on real projects, internships, or engaging with local businesses and communities. These practical experiences will deepen your understanding of your chosen sectors and allow you to develop essential professional networks.

Personal Development Workshops: Beyond the technical skills, the EmpowerHer Fellowship Program emphasizes personal development. You will engage in workshops focused on leadership, communication, financial literacy, and other essential life skills. These workshops aim to enhance your overall growth, self- confidence, and holistic empowerment.

Graduation and Post-Program Support: The program culminates in a graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements and progress made by each participant. Graduates will join a strong alumni network that continues to provide support, networking opportunities, and ongoing mentorship. Post-program support is designed to ensure your continued success as you venture into your chosen career paths.


Eligibility Criteria for the EmpowerHer Fellowship Program:

Gender: The program is open to young girls and women in Cameroon.

Age: Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 40 at the time of application.

Nationality: Applicants must be citizens or legal residents of Cameroon.

Educational Background: There are no specific educational requirements to participate in the program. It is open to individuals with a range of educational backgrounds, from those with minimal formal education to those with higher levels of academic achievement.

Commitment and Availability: Participants must be committed to fully engaging in the six-month program and be available to attend the scheduled training sessions, workshops, mentorship meetings, and practical experiences.

Passion and Motivation: Applicants should demonstrate a genuine passion for personal growth, entrepreneurship, and making a positive impact in their lives and communities. They should be motivated to learn new skills and take the initiative in applying them to create sustainable livelihoods.

Financial Need: Preference may be given to applicants who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and demonstrate a genuine need for support to overcome financial barriers.

English Language Proficiency: As the program is conducted in English, applicants should have basic proficiency in the English language to fully benefit from the training and mentorship activities.

Attitude and Teamwork: Successful candidates should possess a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and the ability to work effectively in a team setting. They should be open to receiving feedback, embracing diversity, and contributing to a supportive and inclusive community.

Dedication to Program Goals: Applicants should express a clear understanding of the program’s objectives, as well as a strong desire to develop skills in the sectors of tailoring or beauty therapy and use those skills to create sustainable livelihoods.

Note: The EmpowerHer Fellowship Program aims to promote diversity and inclusivity. Applications from individuals with disabilities, different ethnic backgrounds, and marginalized communities are strongly encouraged. Please note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

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The EmpowerHer Fellowship Program is a comprehensive and transformative six-month journey designed to equip and empower you with the skills and support you need to become a wealth creator. The program focuses on skill development in two sectors: tailoring and beauty therapy. By equipping you with either of these valuable skills, we aim to enable you to become a wealth creator, generating income and establishing sustainable livelihoods.

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