Food Donation Program

Food Donation Program

Food Donation Program

In Cameroon, the devastating effects of civil war and poverty have left vulnerable women and widows struggling to meet their basic needs, including access to nutritious food. Our primary objective is to change this reality by offering these brave souls a helping hand and providing them with much-needed food assistance to improve their food security and nutritional well-being

Call for Beneficiary Nominations

Community stakeholders and women empowerment organizations are invited to nominate deserving beneficiaries for our program. We carefully select the beneficiaries based on the established criteria to ensure that the support reaches those who need it the most

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Join us on our journey

By partnering and supporting the DHF Food Donation
Program, you become an integral part of a powerful movement that transforms lives and uplifts communities.

Join us on our journey to break the cycle of poverty, promote empowerment, and foster a brighter, more
hopeful future.