Workshop for Women and Youths on Food security and sustainable livelihood

Hosted on 25 of August 2022

This report is in reference to the one day workshop organized on August 25th,2022. The workshop was organized by Dreamer’s Hope Foundation with the objective; promoting Agriculture for a sustainable livelihood in Livanda Kongo Community. In attendance were 25-30 women. The program commenced at 4pm with participants already seated while waiting for the entire team. The workshop began with a word of appraisal from Ms. Beltha to the participants for their indulgence in the workshop. Thereafter, she introduces the facilitators of the workshop and the purpose and objective of the workshop.

Ms. Vivian a volunteer of the organization was the first facilitator. She began her presentation by defining food security. She started by breaking down the definition for a more explicit explanation. She went further to explained the essence of being food secured; there by encouraging participants to be able to take control of the increasing demand of food in the country. She advised participants to indulge more in agriculture in order to have control of food insufficiency in their community.

At the end of her presentation, hands were raised from the crowed and some participants made mention of insufficient farm lands and capital for agriculture. It was on this note that Ms. Christy came in and explained to participants that agriculture should not be the only source of livelihood. She encouraged participants that they can also get involved in livestock farming which will not require large piece of land; still participants insisted the need of capital and the technical knowhow. They pleaded with The dreamers’ hope foundation to assist them with farming tools, capital, and capacity building. They started that they are very willing but lack the means of production.

The workshop ended at about 6.30pm with a group picture and few bites.